Introduction of Test System of Our New Air Blower

When we celebrated the Spring Festival in 2007, our outsourcing personnel was busy in entirely transforming the testing pipeline of our roots blower. Then, the new testing pipeline and system will be put into use this month, and the transformed test system possesses more remarkable characteristics than before.

Firstly, both the measuring range and the measuring accuracy of this new test system have been substantially raised. The blower flow rate varies from 2 or 3m3/min to 400m3/min, while the precision of measured value can reach about 1 to 2 percent by adoption of high quality and advanced orifice flow meter with numerous specifications and rate capacity. Besides, this new system is able to make several blowers run at the same time and instantaneously measures the actual flow of each blower.

Next, our new test system can more comprehensively examine the flow rate, pressure, noise, vibration, temperature rise and all temperature of the blower. Meanwhile, it is able to accurately detect the voltage, electric current and actual power consumption of the motor so as to timely reflect the blower volumetric efficiency. All performance test data is more intuitive to be projected on the large screen, which can not only clearly reflect the truth, but also provide much convenience for our customers to visit the scene and examine our products.

We strictly abide by the national regulations to design the system for both standardized measurement and management. Also, we establish the rigid testing institution and regularly detect all the metric equipments.
Accurate and intuitive parameter instrument display

About New Type Air Blower of Shanghai Ishikawajima Item Successfully Passing Acceptance Tests
Last year our company developed high speed double fuel tank type blower for sale in Shanghai Ishikawajima Item. When this item was inviting the tender, a large number of domestic famous blower enterprises got involved in competition, including Changsha Blower Factory, Zhangqiu Blower Factory and Shenyang Blower Factory, etc. However, our company stood out among these strong competitors and successfully won the bidding, due to the unique advantage. In detail, our product features safe and reliable operation without cooling water even under the condition of high pressure.

In terms of this type blower, its fuel tank temperature is relatively high in accordance with the requirements of our Shanghai Ishikawajima Item customers for high pressure and large air quantity, but this temperature is normal under this working condition and it also meets the initial design needs. From the customer point of view, the oil temperature is required to decline about 20℃. Therefore, our technology department specially talked with American TUTHIL Company to search for a solution. However, the US side told us that the oil tank temperature was quite normal under the working condition and utterly satisfied the requirement for long term and safe operation, but it was embarrassed for us to lower the temperature according to the nearly harsh needs of our customers.

Thus, we decided to depend on our own technology and efforts to solve this problem and satisfy the customer needs. On June the sixth, our technology department held a special discussion session and determined to design the circulating cooling system inside the bower fuel tank. After that, we rapidly finished drawing and contacted with related outsourcing units to purchase our required spare parts. Then, we began to assemble at once and complete the test before July the 20th. Finally, our product was successfully examined and well received by our customers and the related project management company.

Our new type blower, with no need for cooling water, not only expands its application range, but also extends our sales channels in accordance with our national conditions. Also, our product, as an environmentally friendly blower, has filled the domestic blank.

Pictures of the lubricating oil circulating cooling system inside the blower oil tank can be seen as follows.

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