Brief Introduction
OKUMA CNC We introduced the complete set of the most advanced horizontal CNC from Japan OKUMA company. This CNC is specialized in the finish machining for cylinder body and end cap of BK trefoil roots blowers. One-time processing from the semi-finished products to finished goods can be completed to make the parts with high precision.
NC Machine This NC machine, introduced from Japan, is mainly applied into the precision processing for the parts of HC-S low noise rotary blower.
Back-forth Curve Machining Planer Our company introduced several sets of
bidirectional radius planers to produce the rotor of roots blowers. It eliminates the problem of low accuracy of shaper processing.
Based on the experience, Nanjing XFD CHC Equipments Co., Ltd specially developed this new planer to meet our demand for controlling the curve degree of the rotor of the roots blower during processing. This new planer has occupied a leading position in the domestic market.
Main Products
  • BK Three Lobe Roots Blower BK three lobe roots blower is a newly designed product by adoption of the technology from American TUTHILL company, which can meet the national standards. It is extensively applicable for environmental protection, electric power, water conservancy, construction materials, grains, water treatment of agriculture, pneumatic conveying and so on...
  • HC Low Noise Rotary Blower HC low noise rotary blower possesses witty design with the largest discharge pressure of 0.05Mpa, which is mainly made up of motor, air chamber, air filter, foundation or fuel tank, blower body and oil dropping nozzle. Its technology originates from the Japanese greatest rotary blower manufacturer, TOHIN Industry Company. Since 1950, this product has been deeply popular among our users and our company has sold out more than 3 million products in Japan...