Foreign Enterprises
Sumikin Bussan Corporation in Japan is a world famous multinational company.
Japan AMCON Co., Ltd.
Japan Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd is the main water pump manufacturer in Japan.
Japan ANLET Co., Ltd. is a professional three lobes roots blower and vacuum pump Japanese manufacturer.
Japan TOHIN Industry Co., Ltd.
Domestic Enterprises
Wuxi Pende Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. Anhui Wannan Electric Machine Co., Ltd.
Baisi Machinery Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Beide Electric Machine Co., Ltd.
Changzhou Bangde Foundry Co., Ltd. Yixing Taikenuo Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yixing Mingsheng Mechanical Accessories Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Yiyou Machinery Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Yiyou Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shanghai ABB Motors Co., Ltd.
Main Products
  • Multistage Centrifugal Fan Main characteristics of this multistage centrifugal fan include compact structure, attractive appearance, high stability, smooth operation, low noise, easy adjustment, convenient installation and maintenance, small internal leakage, high volumetric efficiency, oil free, special sealing, and alarm function in control of bearing temperature. By adoption of the structure of both wind cooling and water cooling for exhaust bearing block...
  • Industrial Submersible Pump YYWQ series industrial submersible pump is primarily used for discharging domestic water, sewage, rain and waste water accompanied with solid particles and various long fiber in such areas as industrial sewage disposal, mining, hotels, hospitals, municipal engineering, building construction, civil air defense projects and so on...