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Main Products
  • HC Low Noise Rotary Blower HC low noise rotary blower possesses witty design with the largest discharge pressure of 0.05Mpa, which is mainly made up of motor, air chamber, air filter, foundation or fuel tank, blower body and oil dropping nozzle. Its technology originates from the Japanese greatest rotary blower manufacturer, TOHIN Industry Company. Since 1950, this product has been deeply popular among our users and our company has sold out more than 3 million products in Japan...
  • Multistage Centrifugal Fan Main characteristics of this multistage centrifugal fan include compact structure, attractive appearance, high stability, smooth operation, low noise, easy adjustment, convenient installation and maintenance, small internal leakage, high volumetric efficiency, oil free, special sealing, and alarm function in control of bearing temperature. By adoption of the structure of both wind cooling and water cooling for exhaust bearing block...