Multistage Centrifugal Fan

D type multistage centrifugal fan can be extensively available in smelting blast furnace, wastewater disposal, coal cleaning plant, mining flotation, gas making, special gas delivery and other industries.

Main characteristics of this multistage centrifugal fan include compact structure, attractive appearance, high stability, smooth operation, low noise, easy adjustment, convenient installation and maintenance, small internal leakage, high volumetric efficiency, oil free, special sealing, and alarm function in control of bearing temperature. By adoption of the structure of both wind cooling and water cooling for exhaust bearing block, the lifespan of bearings can be prolonged. Besides, our product utilizes shaft coupling for transmission. Also, users can select different transmission methods in accordance with distinct equipments and process.

Main Technical Parameter
Inlet flow 20-250 m3/min
Outlet pressure 1000-10000mmH2O
Vacuum degree -800--5000 mmH2O
(See the attachment for the model and relevant parameter)

As an experienced multistage centrifugal fan manufacturer in China, B-TOHIN offers a wide range of products that includes three lobe roots blower, shaftless spiral conveyor, single stage high speed centrifugal fan and more.

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