Three Lobe Roots Blower

Three Lobe Roots Blower

BK-DS series
BK-DS three lobe roots blower is a new type product, which complies with the national standards and adopts the technology of American TUTHILL Company. With the maximum differential pressure of 1.2kgf/cm2, this product can be suited for powder or granular transportation, cement and food, ore and metallurgy, domestic water, sewage treatment, as well as desulphurization and dust removal in power stations etc.

(See the attachment for the model and relevant parameter) BK-DS Three Lobe Roots Blower
Parts List

Item Description Qty Item Description Qty
1 Oil Slinger Retainer Drive 1 19 Mounting Feet (Left and Right) 1set
2 Free End Driven 1 20 Dowels 4
3 Oil Slinger Driven 1 21 Drive Rotor 1
4 Oil Seal 4 22 Housing 1
5 Air Seal 4 23 Dowel (Free and Cover) 2
6 Driven Rotor 1 24 Hex Screws 8
7 Hex Screw 20 25 Endplate Free End 1
8 Gear Shims A few 26 Bearings Free End 2
9 Gear Retainer 2 27 Oil Slinger Drive 1
10 Retainer Bolts 2 28 Oil Slinger Screw 1
11 Timing Gear Key 2 29 Drive Key 1
12 Gear Spacer 2 30 Drive Shaft Oil Seal 1
13 Timing Gear Assembly 1set 31 Oil Slinger Retainer Screw 1
14 Bearing Retainer Bolts 12 32 Oil Slinger Bolt 1
15 Bearing Retainer 2 33 Breather 2
16 Gear end Cover 1 34 Sight Glass 4
17 Bearing Gear end 2 35 Oil Drain Plug 6(4)
18 Gear Endplate 1

This three lobe roots blower possesses such characteristics as safe operation and long lifespan. Besides, we make use of double fuel tank structure and oil lubrication for both its gear and bearing. We also utilize the imported fluorine rubber made oil seal for strong resistance to high temperature and abrasion, two lobes type impeller for high volumetric efficiency and high wind efficiency, as well as the natural wind cooling method for high outlet pressure.

Model Meaning

As an experienced three lobe roots blower manufacturer and supplier in China, B-TOHIN provides a wide range of products that includes drum type spiral screen, multistage centrifugal fan, industrial submersible pump, and more.

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