Three Lobe Roots Blower

Three Lobe Roots Blower

BKW series
BKW three lobe roots blower is designed on basis of the BK type product. Furthermore, we improve both sides of its endplate and also install the water cooling system on its bearing, which can effectively reduce the bearing temperature during the operation of our product, provide good working environment, prolong its service life and also raise the outlet air pressure.

This three lobe roots blower is quite suitable for desulphurization and ash removal of electric power plant, water treatment, as well as running water, mine, metallurgy, cement, grains and the transmission of other powders etc. It is prominently characterized by compact structure, variable installation methods, stable transfer motion, integral structure of impeller and shaft, low noise, small vibration and low energy consumption. We also utilize the imported fluorine rubber made oil seal for strong resistance to wear and high temperature. The maximum differential pressure of our product is 0.1MPa.

(See the attachment for the model and relevant parameter)
Model Meaning BKW5003

B-TOHIN is an experienced three lobe roots blower manufacturer based in China. Our products include industrial submersible pump, multistage centrifugal fan, filter press, low noise rotary blower, and much more.

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