Three Lobe Roots Blower

Three Lobe Roots Blower

BK series
BK three lobe roots blower is a newly designed product by adoption of the technology from American TUTHILL company, which can meet the national standards. It is extensively applicable for environmental protection, electric power, water conservancy, construction materials, grains, water treatment of agriculture, pneumatic conveying and so on.

Our three lobe roots blower features compact and simple structure, low noise, small vibration, low energy consumption and high volumetric efficiency. Meanwhile, due to the pressure relief valve at its bearing parts, our product can further provide secure and trustworthy operation. In detail, the inclined type synchronization gear helps our product achieve smooth transmission. Its installation methods are selective according to the space and needs of our users. The maximum differential pressure of our product is 0.8kgf/cm2. Moreover, we adopt the oil seal made of imported fluorine rubber materials, which can be resistant to both abrasion and high temperature.

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BK Three Lobe Roots Blower
Parts List

Item Description Qty. Item Description Qty.
1 Housing 1 17 Screw, Hex Head 4~8
2 Mounting Feet 2~4 18 Plug, Oil 3
3 Dr-endplate 1 19 Relief Fitting 2
4 Ge-endplate 1 20 Grease Fitting 2
5 Gear Cover 1 22 Bearing Retainer 2
6 Drive Rotor 1 23 Lip seal, Drive Shaft 1
7 Driven Rotor 1 24 Lip seal 4
8 Timing Gears 1set 25 Screw, Hex Head 4
9 Dowel Pin 4 26 Washer 2
10 Bearing Cover Plate 1 27 Breather 1
11 Bearing 2 28 Gear Spacer 2
13 Bearing 2 29 Screw, Hex Head 2
15 Screw, Hex Head 16 30 Shim 6~8
16 Screw, Hex Head 8 31 Gear Key 2
Model Meanings Explanation of Blower Model
Assembling Sketch

As a China-based three lobe roots blower manufacturer, B-TOHIN offers a broad range of products that includes low noise rotary blower, mechanical screen, vertical centrifugal pump, multistage centrifugal fan and more.

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